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Final Year Projects :

T SYS is one of the best project centers in Bangalore for students who are in final year. We provide project help for BE, B Tech, BCA, MCA, IEEE students.

When students come for guidance about the project, usually students choose advanced topics which will be difficult to execute to score more marks during project evaluation. We help them to choose a topic suitable for them based on their knowledge and academic background. We advice them to choose a topic that they are passionate about. We never allow them to choose a project in which they don't have domain expertise or programming expertise.

Once students choose their project, we make sure that they get the approval from the college guide and advice them to be in constant touch with guide throughout the project span. Project guide will make sure that you are on right track regarding the project progress.

We guide the students throughout the process. We provide technical support during the development phase of the project. We help them to test the product thoroughly. We support students till the project is complete. We assist students to prepare project document. We train them for project presentation. At each phase of the project, project guide will provide with some valuable inputs which helps to execute the project in a better way.

Students are advised to take project backup at regular intervals which may be lost due to system crash. So backups are placed at different machines or storage devices.

Most of our project ideas are taken from journals and publications of international reputation like the IEEE. We develop projects for students taking ideas from IEEE. The students can learn about the project as much as possible. Our project ideas are extension of the work already done in IEEE papers.

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